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Send the code of the requested product via SMS to number 1102. All SMS sent to and received from number 1102 are free of charge. The product is paid at the moment of its downloading. The data transfer in the WAP portal is free of charge! To receive the selected product you must have the right WAP settings. To receive the WAP settings, send a SMS to number 90009 with text ALL.
  • Frog


    Send code 18021

    Price BGN 2.40 inc. VAT

  • Tsvetelina Yaneva - Otkradnata lyubov

    Tsvetelina Yaneva - Otkradnata lyubov

    Send code 17474

    Price BGN 2.40 inc. VAT

  • Scratch The Fly

    Scratch The Fly

    Send code 17990

    Price BGN 2.40 inc. VAT

  • Spiderman 3 - New power

    Spiderman 3 - New power

    Send code 14959

    Price BGN 2.40 inc. VAT

  • Quads In The Desert

    Quads In The Desert

    Send code 18596

    Price BGN 2.40 inc. VAT