Add an extra with 50% discount  for the whole contract and talk with Europe and Bulgaria!

+BG&Europe gives you minutes for calls to all national mobile and fixed networks and to International zone 1.

Price: from BGN 2.90 5.80 VAT incl.


+BG&Europe S

+BG&Europe M

+BG&Europe L

Promotional monthly fee*

BGN 2.90

BGN 4.90

BGN 7.90

Monthly fee on subscription

BGN 5.80

BGN 9.80

BGN 15.80

Monthly fee without subscription

BGN 7.80

BGN 11.80

BGN 17.80

Included minutes to all national operators and International zone 1





Special terms & conditions:
1) Charging is per second. Minimum call duration is 60 seconds.
2) The included minutes in the bolt ons are used prior to those included in the tariff, if any.
3) Activating and deactivating the service is possible once per month.
4) In case of deactivation of a bolt-on, preliminarily paid monthly fees are not restored.  
Terms of Use - +BG&Europe on subscription
1) +BG on subscription is offered with a 12/24-month contracts.
2) The client pays the monthly fee of +BG in addition to the monthly fee of the main voice tariff it is attached to.
3) The included minutes in the bolt ons are used prior to those included in the tariff, if any.  
4) There are no additional restrictions to the number of +BG packages activated on one SIM, except for those, predefined for +BG.
5) With signing the contract for +BG on subscription, the term of the contract for the main voice tariff is automatically prolonged so it becomes equal to the one for +BG package.  
6) In case of early contract termination, the client will have to pay penalties equal to the remaining monthly fees for the months left till the end of the contract for the +BG on subscription.  

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+SMS&MMS +World +BG





Roaming Data

+Roaming EU +Roaming Data&SMS +VIVA Bipper Alarm +VIVA Bipper Control +VIVA Bipper Location

+Roaming EU


+ Alarm

+ Control

+ Location



* The promotion is for new residential customers upon signing a new two year contract for mobile voice tariff MaxiCall S, M, L, XL or XXL, who activate a new bolt-on +BG&Europe for two years. The promotional monthly fee is valid for 24 months. Promotional period 01.03.2014-30.04.2014.

Official terms of spring promotion BG&Europe with MaxiCall [BG]